Beautiful is the ‘Thank you’ wrapped with gratitude.!

Beauty lies on that thing which gives you happiness the reason to smile, the reason to look good, the reason to have your worth on things and the reason to live your life happily.!!

Hold on.!

What if I am not thanking life for being so good to me, thanking the life for giving me reasons to be happy, a reason to admire my dreams, reasons to make new friends, reasons to love myself a more, reasons to follow my dreams and the thousand reasons. ??

What we are doing is complaining about those things which we have and regretting those things which are gone. The thing that matters are getting ignored by us and things that bother us has become are a priority , Just ask yourself this is the life you have decided to live.

Some people are upset because a girl or a boy has left them alone whom they loved a lot..just chill if they have left you may be there are some reason or maybe they had found something better than you and if you are still holding onto them then this is the worst thing you can ever do with yourself. Just accept it that you are wrong that time or the things and time was not with you, there is no big deal in accepting yourself wrong. Some day you will  find someone better than them.

Some people are complaining because they are comparing themselves with others. I mean take a bow man you are damn good at your place and leave it what people think of you or what people do for you. The only thing is how you are accepting yourself either the right way or the wrong way. Nobody is happy with anyone to infect your best friend or your close ones have back-stabbed you once in your life but what you did to them is you have accepted that thing and moved on to your life.

Then accept those things also which is making your day, making you happy, making you laugh or making you feel good just accept things. Life is really short to live with grudges just live it with happiness and sorrow , the day you will do this you will become the most beautiful  person in your life.!

I know things don’t work sometimes but things work sometimes give your time to thank your life for teaching you all those things which you never wanted and don’t stop yourself from those things you love. Do what makes you happy not what people think of you.

Thank your life for everything you have 🙂 🙂


3 thoughts on “Beautiful is the ‘Thank you’ wrapped with gratitude.!”

  1. The way u express n said all this things is just amazing🙂, i think everyone at some point in his life just think like that, but no one expressed it so well just like u did…👌🏻
    In love with this post of yours…😊

    Liked by 1 person

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