MIRROR does not show CURSE.!

You know what it actually takes to be happy and believe in yourself is the courage of accepting the things you never want to accept. Healing is that painful thing that can either break you or make you something beautiful but what if you are not accepting the things that are true and indeed.

She is the only girl I can ever meet in my life whose life is a roller coaster ride and still she is happy with it. I can say she is the perfect girl I met with some imperfect things but somehow she is just like me, the way she expressed herself to people, the way she is obsessed with herself, the way she love and respect herself is pretty in herself, a girl with high heels is much better than a girl with high time and mind.

I don’t think people love her but they love the version of her which she has spun to them or the versions of her they constructed, the easy version of her to be loved. A smile is the only thing that she can give to everybody and hope is the only thing she can believe for herself.

A girl who believe in KARMA that she knows karma is a bitch and she will get what she has served to others so the reason behind her living is she knows what exactly she will get in return from people. The best thing about that girl is she has stopped expecting much from people even her best-friends and family knows she is happy in her little space so she is.

But the thing I can see from her eyes is the pain she is hiding so perfectly that no one can judge her happiness. She’s a composite picture of giggles and tears of tantrums, excitement, amusement, and fears. A bundle of mischief and often a tease, a creature of moods not too easy to please. She can capture your heart with her pixie-like grin or chatter and beg you till your patience wears thin.

And at last i thanked mirror for showing me so perfect with all those beautiful flaws πŸ™‚


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