This love is not servitude


LOVE is something that can either make you or break you but it will never leave you till the last breath of your life. Whoever said first love will be first is so true in all sense and nobody can ever replace that love and that love is not a servitude. Love doesn’t have end it only have breakups πŸ˜›

hahaha… a breakup is not always from her side but it can be from his side.We always criticize a girl or a guy whenever a breakup happens but we never understand the situation of him/her when they left you.

A girl can tell her friends about her breakup she even cries in front of her best friend that a guy had left her and broke all the promises he had done to her. She will update about her break-up, she will tell people about him that he left him or ditched him, she will make fake promises to herself that she will never talk to him, never call him or msg him. But somewhere she will miss him but she will never tell him.All she can do is criticize him in front of people and make herself proud that she is blaming him for everything, she will blame him for all the situation she is surviving and nothing else, just because she is a “girl” she can cry everywhere doesn’t mean HE has done all the wrong to her.

And what about him..???

Do you ever think of his situation when he is leaving you may be for a reason or for something , how his life would be without you or do you ever realise that what he is going to do without you, who is going to irritate him with her non-sense talks or who is going to care for him, who is going to ask him for his meals. A girl will never understand his reasons behind leaving her and a boy will never cry in front of his friends that he left her or he will never say bad things about a girl if he has loved her unconditionally. There are some boys who make fun of girls while there are girls also who do the same thing.

If he loved you truly and deeply then he will never forget you in his entire life and he will always wish for you to live your life a happy one. Don’t blame him for leaving you but blame the destiny that separated you. I know people sometimes heal from break up but there are rare people in this world who can’t love someone after losing there first love and if they are loving someone then that may be for lust or it may be an attraction for a time period but they will never love someone so deeply while they are the real people with the real happiness in their life and they know the actual meaning of pain.

Don’t try to understand someone but try to understand the reason, situation and the time when they left you. If he has loved you for years then it would be hard for him to leave her. Try to understand his love, not the wrong things, I know its easy to say but when you understand this it will be the happiest day in your life, you will feel more lucky that you loved him.and you will stop blaming him.

Times have been tough, and things have gone wrong, But the deep love we share has been there all along. You say why to go on, there’s nothing that’s right, But we never give up, we continue to fight. There’s a light of love that gives us our sight.what if our hearts may get dark at times, but we know there is light that both have situations not fair. We get through it because of something special we share and the trials make you aware of the way we feel, A love that is not fake, but so very real I know at times that it seems like a raw deal, But we must get through these trails until we are healed. Trials are not easy, and you feel there’s no hope.

There are times when you feel you’re at the end of your rope, But you must go down deep in the pit of your heart and see that he is also feeling the same thing and hiding himself from the world, he has held all the grudges and regrets in his heart and he will never show it to anybody throughout his life.Don’t judge him but respect him for what he had done to you and love him more for leaving you for whatever reasons. talk to him and tell him that its ok you left me I still love you and want you back in my life as a good-wisher after listening to this thing he will love you all again.

Let it stop your despair and give a new start.


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