Things I hate about elder sister

Born in a family where you have a elder sister is  blessing coz you got a second mother to take care of you and help you in your things. From ponytail too high bun, from school dress to wedding dress, from friends to boyfriend, from childhood to adulthood, from nursery to job we grew up DARLING :*
Less than a friend and more than an enemy is a sister, she will help you in your all the things no matter what are the circumstances she will always be there for you to buck you up in every situation of your life. Every younger sister is betrayed by her elder sister in every aspect of life, you don’t need anyone in your life if she is there with you. She will protect you from all those people who have no meaning in your life even if you think she is wrong one day you will realize she is the best one to judge everyone in your life, she knows how your friend circle should be, she will guide you to your career ,she will take care of your notes, she will help you to do your work and above all she will teach you everything even if you don’t want any suggestion from her she will keep poking you in everything and you will hate it very much.
I know I will always annoy you but I can’t live without you a second, some of the things are their  in my life which I have never told you and I don’t want to tell you coz I know you will poke me for those things 😛 I chose a different path in my life, and for this I don’t complain. I’ve seen the world and enjoyed my experiences for this I’m not ashamed.
Although we’ve had our separate lives, we share a common theme sisters are aware of each other’s hopes they cherish each other’s dreams. As I get older and my life and the time move by so fast I  find myself looking at your pictures to remind me of the past. I realize that through the years, of the many friends I’ve made and left behind that you’ve been there all the time.
Fighting with you is the worst thing I do, today is the day when I can tell you that if you were not there with whom I will fight for my dresses, with whom I am gonna discuss my things, with whom I’ll discuss my career things or the back-bitching of my boss or what I am gonna wear on my office functions, with whom I will discuss those girly things, who will help me to come out of my breakup, with whom I will go to bring my wedding dress, most importantly who you will save me from my mother for my mistakes.
We’ve been in trouble We’ve had some fun We laughed and cried together
And we have hugged. You are my co-conspirator You cried for me, lied to me
And you’ve helped me. Yes! I am the girl who loves you the most and what you are going to do with me is left me with all your memories, from childhood to till now I have spent all my seconds of life with you sweetheart. Yes, I am gonna cry on your wedding hard and can’t even explain to you why I am crying, I will miss you from every part of my life. Now, who will tell me that what is good for me or who is bad for me, who will tell me what to wear in a function and the major thing is who will be the perfect crime partner of my life..??
Remember the time, I got into trouble,
You help me up, out of the rubble.
I never had to go far for advice,
Talking with you has always been nice.
Looked at others, tried to compare,
Quickly realized, you were fairer.
I just had to politely ask,
And you would help me with any task.
We always had each other’s back,
Gonna Miss you  😦

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