And then..!!

When things will work everybody matters and when things don’t work anybody matter someday are so lazy that you will feel nothing about yourself and someday will be so fruitful that everything will get crazy and insane about you.
Fact of having a life where you have a job of your choice is good but someday are so creepy that your job will irritate you, perk of having an independent life is so amazing that you don’t need anyone to irritate you coz you yourself is enough to get irritated by things you don’t like, just remind urself that you are enough to make yourself in a bad mood and in a good mood.
People come and go and I have learnt the fact that everyone who enters your life will not   be there in your life all the time they will only travel with you for a certain period of time and when their time period is over they will take a turn and left you on your path to travel alone, no matter where we go, we cheer the moment and make memories so that in future will have a “#throwback” caption in our social updates 😛
Social updates has so many things to do those people are busy updating each and everything to everybody, not coz to show but to use the social life, yes I am also a social updater I update things on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, hike, WhatsApp and blah blah but it doesn’t mean my life is like that its the kind of thing you know about a little bit of me or the only part of me i have spun to people through my updates. Everyone out there will never show there reality on social things they will just pour a little bit of something to just show people that they are happy in life or something good is happening with them.
Remind yourself always that you are good enough to spend your life a happy one and you don’t always need someone to make you happy, don’t tell people what is your next move coz people ruin beautiful things, a social update is good until and unless it is not that personal. Being in a relationship to single life I have learned many things in last few years no matter where you go or what you do you’ll always have cling on your heart for your first love. Loving someone who is worth for you and leaving them for their worth is two different things in life.
Be selective in your battle this is not the time when you need a 10 number of friends in your  life to have a night out or a birthday bash on your special instead of that be alone on your special day and celebrate it the way you want to celebrate it, being a girl is not easy but being a human is easy. Celebrate your life in your own way and don’t give a damn to people what they think of yourself, everybody in life is taken by someone either it may be the past or may the future. Hold yourself hard to love a person and see what it actually takes to be yourself, if you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
Someone told me to respect yourself first then only you will respect other people, take stand for yourself nobody will fight for you. Love the way you are and be proud of yourself, I love those girls who have an independent life I mean a good job, family, friends and especially the way they deal with things makes them extraordinary in their life. A girl who has seen all the ups and downs in a life will be the strongest women in her life. Her mother never told her how to deal with a cheap colleague or how to respond to a person who is not worth for her but she will learn these things by herself and winthe world that she is enough capable of everything. Everybody has different choices in their life stop judging a girl by the way she smokes or by having a relationship with many boys, to all those people who have a poking mouth first see yourself what you are worth for then raise a question for her.
 To all those girls who are living their silver or have completed their jubilee be yourself you are the real hero of your life and don’t worry darling your prince will surely come in right time in right place till then live out your life loud and to all the people stop asking her when she will get married or wen you will have a motherhood ask her about her commitment towards her work and let her live a happy life the.

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