Things- every 24 is dealing..!

1. For us, it takes a while to “let any shit go”-

It hard for me to see that everybody around me is moving on with their life and here I am stuck with the same stuff a number of times and can’t do anything for it because I know it takes the time to move on and I am not like the rest. For me letting go requires more effort than giving over a person & to change a feeling for one to another person it takes time for me. I’m still searching the answer for “HOTA HAI CHALTA HAI ZINDAGI HAI” ??

2. Life becomes a mess when your friends got married-

This is the biggest thing i am dealing with coz all you friends got married and your no love life becomes tough for you, even if you meet them they will talk about there Sasural stuffs and Family, wht i miss the most is you can’t scream at your friend in-laws home and you have to do this coz your friends want. they got married and have there special ones in your life and all you can do is LIKE der pictures on social sites.

3. I mean, We are Grown Ups now.:(

You are now 24 and you are grown up..I mean seriously you have to pretend to people around you that you have even enough maturity and you can deal with your life all alone coz your 24 but according to parents you still have to tell them every decision you make in your life but yours grown up 😛 they say be you when you start being yourself people will judge you & unfortunately you have no option by just showing them you are grown up..phew 😦
Family will force you to get married and you were like ” I am still a kid”

4. The choices we make they were totally wrong.

At some point in life, we do things because we love them or somebody has shown us that we can find happiness in those things but somehow the decisions we make in our life is totally wrong either it is a job or getting married. For once when you make the decision it feels like this is the best decision I have ever made but after some days you start regretting your choices and we start admitting it that we’re the mess in our-self and made the wrong choices.

5. Single life- no love life.

After having a break-up you start hating everyone and don’t want to trust a single person in your life, we start hating couples around us and most important you find that people around you are not offended n & don’t understand you or situations in your life. We start  feeling like everyone in life has their own priority in life and they don’t have time for us, your love for that one person is still same and you don’t want anybody in your life coz your enough to entertain yourself . Listening to all those “Channa Mereya” versions coz his/her love is the only thing that keeps you happy

6. Either deeply or Nothing.

Anything going around you either will make you feel so deep or it will make you so lame that you don’t give a damn, from pain to the joy you start feeling everything all-in or all-out not that 50-50 one. someday you fell like your an emotional fool and someday you feel like this shits will never make you down, hence you feel both the spectrum completely 100% 😛
Changes always seem hard for us because we don’t want to get out of our favorite pyzamas no matter how dirty or witty it is.

7. Battled depression and Anxiety .

While people think you are the strongest person in the world you know it better that what things you’re facing in life, some day its tough for me to deal with the things the anxiety in me makes me cry so hard that I can’t even deal with myself so I get my self into depression and don’t want to meet people around me just because I know nobody can handle me at my worst don’t pressurize us life does that already. Not beautiful, not wonderful, not hopeful but tough, tough because we can’t explain ourself to other people

8. Little things matters the most!

That little cute puppy can make your day and you are happy with the little happiness around you. No matter whether its a rainbow color pencil or the dice it make your day, we still have the child in yourself and we love to be with the things we want. expensive only impresses those who want to show off, give me a rose or crayons I will cheer it forever in my life and love you till my end. A long drive and a tea can make our day not the Starbucks things, we still feel the mental peace in the sunset and stay in the car more just to listen the favorite song. 

9. Job that still Irritates us

You feel safe having the job that makes you wear a blue ID card thing around your neck all day, and when no one is looking you feel the tag choking you in your ill-ventilated cubicle.
no matter how much salary they pay you still feel being in the home is the best thing the job stuff are just like shit, pretending in front of the boss that your ok with all the things but deep down inside its killing you. 9 to 5 is job feels like a paid labor job, you wait for the weekend to get hang-outs but when its Sunday evening you sit alone in the corner and say in your mind “AA GAYA KHOONI MONDAY”

10 . Stop Apologizing

Stop sympathizing yourself for who you are, for what you laugh, for looking crazy, for the way you feel about yourself, stop being sorry for being yourself.
We are living our lives in our way and we can do what we want to do, Above all we are the best creature in this world because we know how a harsh word from someone can make you sad or feel deeply , so no matter what you hold in yourself just be yourself and love yourself, don’t be afraid to tell that you have the most pure SOUL ❤


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