Beautifully Chaotic :)

The madness you hold in every situation is the life you are living every moment, being crazy sometimes teaches a good lesson too in life, its hard for me to believe that I have already achieved something that I was never expecting. The best thing about being an independent girl is nobody can poke you on your life you can be a beautiful mess and people will even love you for your flaws. Loving people and seeing the happiness they hold onto small things is sometimes the best faces you see.
Doesn’t matter which place you go if you have loved yourself in every situation then you can love anybody in your life, simplest things has more meaning than complicated ones be so busy in loving yourself that you don’t have time to criticize other respecting a person is a common thing in this world try to respect their feelings & emotions we think we owe everyone something  & we think too much about thinking but the reality is this everything we think that bring us closer together is everything that sets us further apart.
I am not going to explain the life I am living but yes it has the most roller coaster rides I can ever imagine , blessed are the ones who have already accepted their life the way life has spoon to them just coz someone is not there to pamper you or love it doesn’t mean your life is over once in a life it is necessary to love yourself for the flaws you have, for the things you did wrong or for whatever you are today, someday somebody will definitely come to you and tell you that the life you are living is a dream of thousands I realised this think when my best friend told me to stop complaining and start living the moment you have now.
When I look back to life I see the little kiddo is still to me that high school love with your senior or the farewell throwback is still somehow pretty to remember, every time I cross my memories I see beautiful chapters are still there to cheer in life and that reminds me I don’t need people or drinks to sit in a hotel for cheering those memories, memories beats inside  me like a second heart. It’s good to have a stubborn heart in this cruel world but what you receive is what you have already complaint about it.
Picturing all the stuffs in one frame is a tough task because some of the pictures were blurred & some are still there to be stuck in the frame, travelling has just become part of life,  going home has now become a dream, playing like a childhood is still the best thing and the craziest one is I still like my crayon color more than excel sheet color. Growing up realizes time never waits for anyone if you want to find yourself truly get yourself up from bed find your dream and let it be the best dream to haunt you from bed.

🙂 🙂



9 thoughts on “Beautifully Chaotic :)”

  1. Youu leftt me speechless🙌Just cant telll youu what m feeling right now😇Butt cheers to you and your thoughtsss🤗Big big hug mam😘Whatever you wanted to say has been delievered pretty well to me💁Thodi si emotional thodi si practical everything is not just written you made me feel by readingg i was justt seeing a slideshow of everythingg😘A big thankewwww anddd hatss off to your work😊Lots n lots of love n wishes🤝

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  2. This reminds me of very uncommon but thought provoking quote which says that “happiness of your life depends upon the positivity of your thoughts “.
    Nice and positive post . Good that you are leading life with a healthy vision and brain .
    Keep living

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  3. I think I should now stop complaining about my life…. And start accepting what i have right here and try to live satisfactory with it….
    🙏Thanks for ur indirect guidance🙏
    💗waiting for ur nxt💗
    💋”lil struggle big Happiness”💋

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