Fantasy & M!rror- A new Fiction..

Some lives have been already told  that you’re the only one who will make everything possible & awful but some life’s we don’t know what karma will decide for us KARMA is that menu in which u will be served what you have already done there is no taste for it you have to eat it not at once but slowly until it pains you to the beneath of your skin and reminds you of your deeds indeed.
“Writing is flying in dreams when you remember when you can & when it works it’s that easy”
Fantasy- And all fiction is a fantasy of one kind or another is a mirror, a distorting mirror to be sure set at forty-five degree to reality but it’s a mirror nonetheless which we can use to tell ourselves things we might not otherwise see. Everyone out there will tell you fairy tale is true but some people will tell you that dragons too can be defeated in fairy tales just like that a simple mirror that shows you how good you look can also tell how good you can see in yourself, we don’t always need good things in our lives but we also need a bad one so that it can haunt us.
Let’s take a moment to rewind the life we are living what actually we have done is expecting someone to understand you or situation you’re dealing with  life or  that someone to love you when your down & cuddle you when u feel lonely? or a proper job that pays enough salary that can fulfill our needs and after that expecting things to be smooth and easy? or a pocket full of money so that we can travel as much as we can.? or that one friend who will understand you fully no matter you utter a word or not.? or a roommate who will wash off your clothes just because of your tired with your job?
Take a deep breath and just look at yourself and see these people don’t even exist they are all your fantasies that you were dreaming in your life  which have not seen from ages,  no matter how old you grow you will always need a mirror that will tell you a different story every time you look at it you will see a new form for yours sometimes you will see yourself a happy one and sometimes you will find yourself a bit mixed with all emotions, many of us have cried  in front of others but  have you found yourself crying in front of mirror and telling it the truth you were dealing with life??  No matter how hard is your day or how awesome you are towards your worth but when you can’t see bad in yourself you don’t have any right to put a nose on anybodys. A mirror knows all your devil horns and good angel signs it just needs you to accept that you have a devil side of yours that you don’t want to see in yourself.

Fantasy is that thing which can either make you or break you, living in someone’s head is easy but staying in someone’s life is though the toughest thing you can ever do, fantasying  your life in such a way that it can be easily achieved, a mirror is that fiction character in life that will broke-up with you every time but at the end it will be the best friend of your life because he never lied to you. Imagining your life or fantasying is easy but accepting things that have changed you in life is like a curse, words are like tsunamis but people splash them around like they’re puddles. I don’t know I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be real or take the time to really ever get to know anyone at all.
A fiction character that will always follow is your fantasy while a bitter truth of life you see every morning is the mirror. They’ll call it chance or luck or call it fate, the cards & stars that tumble as they will.
SHE SAID “that one can’t help growing older, one can’t perhaps say Humpty Dumpty, but two can with proper assistance you might have left off through the looking MIRROR & FANTASY 🙂



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